An online Week of Accompanied Prayer

10-16 January 2021 

Do you ever…

  • ask yourself ‘is this really prayer?’
  • want to explore ways of praying
  • feel ‘I’d like to draw closer to God’
  • wonder ‘how can my prayer be more real?’
  • long for a deeper personal relationship with God?
  • wonder about the connection between faith and daily life?
  • sometimes find it difficult to pray?

A Week of Accompanied Prayer is an opportunity to explore these things.

  • by giving time to pray
  • by giving time to talk about your prayer with someone who listens and helps you recognise how God is with you
  • using ancient ways of praying with Scripture and with life’s experience
Many have discovered
  • new depth to prayer
  • greater zest for life and faith
  • experiences of God’s presence 
  • deeper peace and hope
  • real connections between life and faith

Feedback from previous participants: 

“It really helped me to pray in a way that felt real.”

“Life is very busy and I wasn’t sure about committing so much time to the Week. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time!- listening to myself, to God and slowing down …. I intend to make some changes!”

“I think I always prayed in my head and have never thought feelings to be that important – probably not a good idea to feel too much! .After this Week’s experience I see that both heart and head are important and something is changing.”

“I have found the idea of ‘listening to what God is saying to me’ rather difficult. God must have given me my life for a purpose and I have wanted to discover what that is while I am still able to fulfil it! I found it surprisingly easy to express myself to an attentive, uncritical listener. I feel, at the end of the week, more at ease with myself and more accepting of the person I really am.”

“I feel that I have been a dead branch that has been grafted back onto the trunk of the vine. The sap of Jesus’ power can start to seep into me to produce in me from within the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace, ….”


Bishop Richard writes: “I warmly commend the week of accompanied prayer.  In my 11 years as an incumbent, the week of accompanied prayer was the most significant time of spiritual growth for those who participated.  Some said it was the most significant week in their entire spiritual journey to date. The opportunity to speak in complete confidence about our spiritual lives with a confidential and experienced guide proved revolutionary and enriching. I heartily recommend this programme for anyone whatever your spirituality or stage of the faith journey.”

Hereford Diocese Spirituality Group are offering an online Week of Accompanied Prayer 

10-16 January 2021 using Zoom 

Who can participate?

No qualifications required! If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, this could be for you!

What is involved?

Opening meeting: Sunday 10 January 6pm – 7.30pm for everyone involved:

Monday to Friday

  • Pray: You set aside 20 – 30 minutes each day at a time convenient for you to have a go at prayer (ways and resources are offered)
  • Meet with your ‘prayer accompanier’ for up to 30 minutes on zoom 

Closing Meeting: Saturday 16th January 10am – 11.30 – all involved gather to reflect on the week, give thanks and receive ideas for going further. 

What do you mean by prayer?

Prayer is so much more that the few ways we might pray in church. Too often we think of prayer as talking to God, and miss out on the prayer of listening for God and receiving from God. We suggest using Scripture in a prayerful way (not bible study) to hear how and what God might have personally for you through it. We also offer some other ways of praying through reflecting on life’s experiences and through being with creation or creativity. So we understand prayer as encounter and dialogue with God, our creator, with God, become human in Jesus Christ and with God, the Spirit who breathes life into us. 

What is a prayer accompanier?

Accompaniers have been trained to listen, and to help you pick up the signs of God active in your prayer and reflection. They are not there to evaluate your prayer or to critique it, but rather to support and encourage your exploring and help you find a creative and life-giving way. 

Who are the team running this?

The team are people who have have found this process of prayer and talking with someone about it helpful in their own journey with God. They have been trained to do this and are supported and overseen by the Diocesan Spirituality Advisor, Revd Preb Nick Helm.

What does it cost?

We invite participants to make a donation towards the costs of the week, suggesting between £10 and £20. 

How do I find out more or book a place?

Bookings are now closed.