Julian and Prayer

What is prayer?

I am the ground of your praying. First, it is my will that you should have this; then I make it your will too; then I make you ask for it, and you do so. How then should you not have what you pray for?

Chapter 41, Enfolded in Love p19

Prayer is the deliberate and preserving action of the soul, it is true and enduring, full of Grace.

Chapter 41, Enfolded in Love p19

What does prayer do to us?

Prayer fastens the soul to God and makes it one with his will through the deep inward working of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 41, Enfolded in Love p19

… the whole reason why we pray is to be united into the vision and contemplation of him to whom we pray, wonderfully rejoicing with reverent fear, and with so much sweetness and delight in him that we cannot pray at all except as he moves us at the time

Chapter 43 Showings p254

‘I saw two perspectives on our protector’s meaning: one is the sense of rightfulness, that prayer makes us as we should be, stretched out straight and true toward God; the other has to do with our assurance that through prayer we are totally safe’

Chapter 41, Sanna p161

Asking for grace

Seeking and asking is a true, joyful, and enduring soul-quality, a part of who we are as human beings, a quality that unites us and fastens us tight to the Divine Will at work in Creation by the sweet, internal workings of the Holy Spirit. First, Christ receives each prayer from us, and then I imagine He sets it in the Treasure House, where it will never fade away or perish. Our prayers rest there before God and all the Holy Ones, where they are continually received and endlessly answered, so that our needs become sources of prosperity that send us speeding forward toward God. When we reach Heaven, these prayers will be given back to us, delighting us as we thank God with endless worship.

Chapter 41 Sanna p162-163

Points for reflection and prayer
  • How does Julian’s perspective on prayer relate to your own experience and practice of prayer. What from her words has encouraged, expanded, inspired your sense of God in prayer?
  • Let yourself rest in the sense of God the ground and inspirer of your prayer. Do you notice any prayers ‘bubbling up’ as you rest on God?
  • What ‘grace’ from God do you need in your life of prayer? Ask God for it.
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