Seven Directions of Prayer

Jim Cotter provides a wonderfully creative description of the various aspects of prayer in his book ‘Exploring’.


Reaching downwards and delving,

we are rooted in our true ground.


Reaching upwards and yearning,

we adore the One who is beyond us.


Being slimmed by admitting the truth,

we enter life by a narrow gate.


In opening our arms to our neighbour,

we forgive to seventy times seven.


Reaching backwards into the past,

we absorb what is good and are thankful.


Reaching forwards into the future,

we give of ourselves in trust.


Becoming still in the present,

we rest in the silence of being.


from ‘Exploring’ by Jim Cotter


I offer some points for pondering:

  • Which of these are currently part of my praying?
  • Which of those that are not currently part of my praying do I feel drawn to (if any)?
  • Which of these do I find unappealing (if any)?
  • What in my life’s being, doing and relating is fed by these?
  • What in my life’s being, doing and relating needs feeding?
  • Take time to talk to God and with your ‘soul friends’ about what has emerged.


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