Spiritual Direction on Zoom – What are we learning? Feb 2021

I will publish here the emerging wisdom from this session held on 4 February. Participants will receive an email telling them when it is available. 

This post on my session on 28 Jan has links and the powerpoint that may be helpful for working in this environment. 


Julie Burnett-Kirk offers some guidance from her experience – download the document here: Some Thoughts for Online and Telephone Pastoral Supervision and Spiritual Direction

Web chat – key extracts

14:53:59 From Alison Woolley to Everyone : You can also find a moving candle as a giff file on the web and can drop this into a PowerPoint  slide, which loops constantly, so not time-limited.

14:54:56 From Anna Bosatta to Everyone : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BKfMs66emk  One example of a flickering ccandle

15:04:00 From Sonya Barrow to Everyone : does anyone know how to do a fast screen share. ? I press screen share. Thenselect window. Then optimise vid share. The press share. Takes a while.

15:05:37 From Judith Leckie to Everyone : Sonya, you need to have the image you want to use open before your session starts, and have every other window closed, then you only have one thing to click on.

15:08:39 From Michele Simms to Everyone : Screenshare: you can go to the Advanced tab when go to screen share and tick Use Slide as background. Then your chosen image show behind your head! Doesn’t work for videos You can do a whole powerpoint presentation like that

15:09:19 From Anna Bosatta to Everyone : It is apparent that a ‘zooming 101’ introduction would be helpful for some people. Anyone know where this is available?

15:27:57 From Michele Simms to Everyone : Loads of tutorials on you tube

15:28:03 From Anna Bosatta to Everyone : Or a ‘handy hints for zoom’ handout for Directors/ Directees … we may be creating this together today???

15:28:22 From Anna Bosatta to Everyone : Especially for SDs

15:37:29 From Judith Leckie to Everyone : If people are looking for ways to learn how to learn to use the technology well the CofE digital labs are a great place to start. https://www.churchofengland.org/resources/church-england-digital-labs

16:14:38 From Sandy Smith to Everyone : Listening to Anna, and in the light of having attended a C of E webinar recently, I think there are many things that could be sent to us to help. It was a very helpful webinar.

16:24:18 From Naomi Gates to Everyone : I’ve really appreciated operating on the phone as well as Zoom, also exploring letter writing as a medium. I think the challenge with all is remaining humble and being open to invite feedback.

16:26:21 From Sheelagh Daly to Everyone : I agree  with Naomi about the need to invite feedback from the directee about whether Zoom works for them or whether they would prefer another method

16:27:36 From Barbara Strong Devon to Everyone : Does the change to Zoom also change our ability to be?

16:27:45 From Chris Mason to Everyone : The question from Naomi which attracted me was: does Zoom change our ability to ‘be’ 

16:30:35 From Judith Leckie to Everyone : I’ve developed an online IGR that I’m using for first time directees, as a way of establishing the relationship. I’ve found that helpful.  If any of you want to use it you’re very welcome to:  http://www.turveyabbey.org.uk/pilgrimage/individually-guided-retreats/

16:32:23 From Juliet Fletcher to Everyone : The reminder that the session is about the Directee, check in with them from time to time about how this is working for them, anything not working well for them, what can we change?


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