Reviewing the Day
a prayer of discernment

“I have come that you may have life and have it to the full”

John 10:10

At the end of the day we often find ourselves mulling over events and experiences.

This short period of reflection which can be done at any time builds on that natural tendency. But most importantly, instead of making our own judgement and analysis, we ask God to show us » to bring to our consciousness how the Creative Spirit has been working in the experiences of our lives.

Some Guidelines
  • Take time to relax, feel attentive and open
  • Let the day ‘play back’. Allow the moments and events which you enjoyed to come to consciousness — don’t scrabble around — just wait and let what comes no matter how apparently insignificant or ordinary.
  • Let the feelings of these moments, events, be really felt — re-visit the experience taking time to relish it

Spend as long as you want with this.


  • Let the day ‘play back’ again this time asking for enlightenment about the various moods and feelings of your day especially where there were shifts.

Let yourself feel what you felt – it may help to express it – feel what you feel.

Where did that mood or feeling come from?

Where did that mood or feeling take me?

Did it feel a creative movement/life giving?

Did it lead to life denying actions/behaviour?

What underlying attitudes are being revealed to me?


  • What do I want to own and express which needs befriending and healing?


  • What choices does this reflection time reveal to me about tomorrow?

I ask God for what I need and want

NB: Resist the voice of your inner critic – let God show you all the nudges to greater life in the glorious imperfect human being that you are!