Reviewing my prayer ...  
... talking as with a close friend

Prayer and our conversation with God

Giving time to prayer is engaging in a process that takes us deeper into relationship with God. In this leaflet we offer some important tools in which the active prayer can be taken further and deeper.

Having given some time to prayer – in whatever form that may be, whether imaginative contemplation of scripture, a walk with God, or gazing on a picture, or anything else, this can be taken further through review and further conversation.

Ask God to work through these methods to help enter your own experience – to open yourself to the power and mystery of God’s transforming presence within us …


After your prayer, take time to stop and reflect on the experience.

This can be helped by jotting down notes as you look back over your prayer – pondering these questions

  • How was I as I came to the prayer? What was my mood, what preoccupations or feelings was I aware of? What did I want or hope from the time?
  • How did the prayer time go? Were there striking moment? Did my mood shift? What feelings emerged? Did I sense God’s presence?
  • Was there anything to return to, to follow up on?
  • How were you at the end of the time? Had anything shifted compared to the start?
  • Are there things that you want to thank God for?
  • Are there things that have disturbed you or left you feeling the need for ‘light’?

Talking as with a close friend …

The next step, which you may find yourself doing quite naturally, is to take what has emerged into conversation with Jesus. Share your thoughts, feelings, doubts, concerns, joys, confusions …

Be completely honest carrying on a conversation, ‘talking as with a close friend’.

  • It might help to imagine Jesus sitting beside you
  • Talk to him openly as you would with a close friend
  • Say it how it is – no need to watch you language!
  • Ask for what you need.
  • Perhaps end with the Lord’s Prayer.


This may seem a technical term for a natural process, but all Journalling is to keeping notes of your experience of prayer, review and conversation with Jesus. This can be a significant way of keeping aware of your journey of prayer. It also gives additional engagement with the experience, deepening and reinforcing.

The whole process of Review and Conversation with Jesus can be done with notebook and pen in hand – letting the writing become the conversation.

Find what works for you.