Preparing for the Spiritual Exercises

I’ve used John Veltri’s ‘Orientations’ to take people through the Spiritual Exercises. Of the various adaptations of the Exercises for the 19th Annotation that I have used, this is my preferred option.

All the resources are online but some of the key elements are:

Prayer exercises to help someone prepare for the Exx:

The prayer units that Veltri provides – each unit is a week’s worth of prayer. Its worth noting that a week in the prayer units is nothing to do with the Weeks of the Exx.

The entry page to all the Orientations resources is here:

Volume 1: Introductions to prayer and the Spiritual Exercises:

Volume 2: Resources for taking someone through the Exx:

Introduction to Volume 2 explaining the nature of it as a manual for taking people through the exx

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