Discernment in Spiritual Direction – June 2020

Resources to accompany session with Spiritual Directors from Monmouth Diocese on Discernment in Spiritual Direction – 1 June 2020


2 thoughts on “Discernment in Spiritual Direction – June 2020

  1. Nick
    Thank you for such a life giving session yesterday. It was a real 21st. C. application of the P and F with the study of consolation and desolation crystallised into a user friendly way. For me it was an excellent
    way of reconnecting with the essence of discernment. I am working my way through The new Spiritual
    Exercises by Louis M. Savary. He re-envisions the Exercises for us today in an accessible form ,which, I find, directees can engage with much better than the traditional Puhl Exercises.
    Your presentation too shone with the value of encouraging us and our directees to explore our own human experiences!!
    I have decided to re frame my daily review (using the same process) in terms of consolation and desolation – so thank you for igniting that spark of the spirit in me!!
    May God continue to enable you to share your giftedness in a way that is life giving for yourself and others.
    I hope you could feel the positive vibes from the group. Given that we did not know everyone I think the level of response and participation was about right.
    I look forward to the next injection!!!
    Sr. Alice

    1. Thank you Sr Alice for your feedback. I’m delighted that the Zoom session was life-giving for you and to hear of the positive vibes in the group. Its not my favourite way of communicating, because the sense of interaction with the group is limited, so it is very reassuring to get this.

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