Spiritual Direction

Aspects of Spiritual Direction that I am involved in:

  • seeking a Spiritual Director: how to find the right person
  • supporting Spiritual Directors: what provision helps sustain good practice, including refresher days, supervision processes
  • training Spiritual Directors: running a transformative process that has integrity in modelling the ministry it is seeking to enable
  • training trainers of Spiritual Directors: building a team with appropriate skills and abilities to lead the training process

Seeking a Spiritual Director:

you might find reading ‘Seeking Spiritual Direction’ helpful. 

if you are in Hereford Diocese (Herefordshire, south Shropshire) or nearby I can fix a conversation to help find the appropriate person for you. 

Further afield, you may find the links here helpful to find someone

Supporting Spiritual Directors

Having been involved in this work for many years, I can offer help in thinking this through in your context. I can also offer a range of topics to lead a refresher day for Spiritual Directors. 

Training Spiritual Directors

There is a great challenge to develop integrity of process and practice. I’ve developed a set of key questions to consider in development and processes to maintain discernment is at the heart of the process from start to finish. 

Training Trainers of Spiritual Directors

The vocation to lead a training programme is challenging and is greatly encouraged through developing a vision for process and content as well as the ability to provide leadership and share wisdom.  

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