Ministry Development

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Christian Ministry is a vocation, having a deep inner sense of God’s call that has been recognised and nurtured. While skills and insights are valuable in the exercising of ministry, without a sense of vocation ministry loses touch with its foundation and primary motivation. I believe that all ministry development programmes and processes need to have this consciousness at their heart. This ensures a congruency between the nature of vocation and the ministry development being sought. 


I’ve been instrumental in developing several ministry development programmes and retreats. These have had a focus those with medium to long term experience of ministry, and have aimed to refresh their connection with their vocation, discern where God is leading in the present time and energise and encourage the next steps. 

Personal Work

Working alongside clergy in Continuing Ministerial Development and Ministerial Development Review has revealed how often a sense of isolation and limited support can undermine confidence, imagination and creative ministry. For many the most effect way of countering this is for those in ministry to have personal support. This can take the form of mentoring, coaching, work consultancy and Spiritual Direction. Each offering different and valuable supports. I’m able to offer this and work flexibly with individuals as appropriate. 

Celebrating Ministry & Celebrating Wisdom

These were developed in the West Midlands group of Dioceses and provides an effective and much valued programme to enable renewal of ministry. 


Developed with 4D to provide a programme for enabling holistic personal ministerial development for Hereford Diocese Clergy.

Vision 4 Action

A programme for clergy led by Helen Guinness and Nick Helm 
to provide the environment in which you can re-imagine your ministry
in order to support and inspire you fully to live your vocation.
Intended Results
o To improve the quality of your ministry;
o To deepen your ability to keep connected to self;
o To develop your leadership and enrolment skills;
o To clarify your vocation and refresh your vision;
o To improve your communication skills;
o To increase your self-awareness and mindfulness;
o To better be equipped to manage complexity.

Celebrating Wisdom

A five day residential programme for experienced clergy and ministers of the West Midlands who want to discern a renewed vision of their vocation.


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