Some Music

Simeon and John This duo offer a number of CDs with Guitar and flute arrangements of tunes what are suitable.
Iona: Christian rock group with a strong Celtic flavour. Their CD Book of Kells has two great tracks for stilling “Luke” and “The Virgin”
Agnus Dei Albums from the Choir of New College Oxford provide some good choral music
Gregorian Chant This is another rich source of gentle calming music
Russian Orthodox Choral Music Rachmaninov’s Vespers, Tchaikovsky’s Vespers, the St Petersburg Choir (Russian Easter has a wonderful first track)
Officium This CD by Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard ensemble used Gregorian chant for the backdrop to saxophone improvisation. Some tracks work very well.
Classical music The are many collections of classical music pieces for relaxation. Common pieces include Pachelbel’s Canon, Mozart’s Andante from Piano Concerto no 21, Schubert’s Adagio from his string quartet in C, Mozarts Adagio from his Clarinet Concerto…
Ennio Morricone Gabriel’s oboe from the soundtrack to “The Mission” is wonderful
Mark Kelso American pianist has done some wonderful simple piano CD’s – particularly good is “For God Alone”
Arvo Part The CD with Spiegel um Spiegel and Alina is good, though you might not use whole tracks
Native Wisdom This fascinating CD of music from around the world has some great tracks (and some rubbish!)
Other groups worth exploring Enya, Secret Garden, Clannad
There is much much more… keep your ears open and you will find it!
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