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Ignatius of Loyola (S130)

Chapter 4. Discernment on the Way


04 Reviewing the Day Leaflet This daily prayer of discernment  ‘The Examen’ is the foundation of Ignatian daily prayer.

04 Discerning Some images and descriptions of Consolation and Desolation that can help us recognise our spiritual state and make discerning responses.

04 Radiators and Drains Some further pointers for reflecting on life, its challenges, invitations and choices

04 Decision Making Using Ignatius’ approach to being discerning in making significant decisions

04 Looking at my life A process for reflecting discerningly on your life and all its facets seeking to recognise where God might be inviting you to develop and grow and where God might be inviting you to let go.


The Pray As You Go website offers a variety of led Examens

Ignatian Spirituality page on ‘Discernment of the Spirits’

The Discernment of Spirits – Setting the Captives Free –  A series of on discernment with Timothy Gallagher

YouTube Videos: 

The Examen: A led Examen from St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre led by Sr Renate OP. (8 minutes)


An explanation of the daily Examen from Corpus Christi Church, Brixton (13 minutes)


Ignatian Discerning Decision Making

This video takes you through the process of Ignatian discerning decision making. (4 minutes 22 seconds)

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