Resources accompanying the Grove Book:
Ignatius of Loyola (S130)


Chapter 1: Discovering Ignatius

Resource Sheets

01 Looking at your life story This sheet offers a way of reflecting on your own life story to recognise its key moments and dynamics and recognise – perhaps more – of the way in which God has touched it.

Recommended Books

Biography of Ignatius published on Ignatian Spirituality

Biographical information of Ignatius on Jesuits in Britain

Christian Classics Etherial Library on Ignatius


YouTube video clips

Below are four video clips (of varying length from 2 minutes to 20 minutes) that give descriptions of Ignatius and his spirituality. Also, an Audiobook of Ignatius’ Autobiography.


A brief account of Ignatius given by Stephanie Russell at Maquette University US (2mins 31s)

An animated telling of Ignatius’ story:

A longer length description of Ignatius’ story. (20mins 33s)

A fuller biographical telling of Ignatius’ story and of his spirituality by James Martin SJ. (9mins 35s)

Another description on Ignatius’s life that brings out further aspects of his journey and his spirituality.(7 mins 24 s)

An audiobook version of Ignatius’ autobiography (2hrs 15mins)

Nick Helm’s Grove Books

Information on Nick’s other Grove Books 

  • Finding Support in Ministry
  • Soul Spark
  • Seeking Spiritual Direction



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