I’ve published four books with Grove Books. Some of these have extra resources made available online. 

Seeking Spiritual Direction

How to Find Support for Your Spiritual Life – co-authored with Liz Hoare

Spiritual direction is an ancient way of drawing attention to the primacy of God’s perspective on life. Practised well, it is the art of keeping out of the way and, like the good teacher or midwife, enabling the directee to encounter God directly.

Aimed at anyone interested in receiving spiritual direction, this illuminating guide examines the origins of the practice in the Bible and early church, and explores how it can support the radical, prophetic way of life that Jesus calls us to.

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Ignatius of Loyola

a guide for spiritual growth and discipleship

How do we grow and develop into courageous and faithful disciples of Christ? How do we recognize God’s touches in prayer without deluding ourselves? How do we best help others grow in faith and discipleship?

The church today needs effective answers to these questions. The wisdom in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola helps answer these questions with discernment and integrity. This book explores key insights and their relevance today.

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Soul Spark

a short course exploring prayer and spiritual growth

Soul Spark is a six-session course that opens up some of the riches of the Christian tradition to enable a deeper and healthier spirituality.

It offers a variety of approaches to prayer and provides a context for reflection and sharing. Rather than seeking to teach, it seeks to encourage people to open up to God and ‘let the creator deal with the creature.’ 

Further resources, including handouts and in-depth explorations of the key themes, are available on the Soul Spark resources pages. 

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Finding Support in Ministry

co edited with Philip Allin

All too often Christian ministry is depicted as a ‘go-it-alone’ affair. Yet the nature of God as Trinity and the example of Jesus’ ministry in the gospels shows that ministry is to be mutual, supportive and relational.

But how can ministers, who very often have to work alone, learn from others? This compendium of resources outlines a variety of approaches, from support groups through supervision to learning partnerships, with clear ‘how to’s for each and resources for further exploration.

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