Wheat, Weeds and Ministry

Bible Study & Reflection: Being Unfinished: Matthew 13.24-30 The parable of the wheat and the tares Intro This was developed as part of the final reflections for the Developing Ministry programme run by the West Midlands CMD consortium. The aim being to provide some biblical wisdom for the ongoing ministry beyond the framework of the

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Jesus the pray-er

I recently gave some time to looking through the gospels at Jesus praying. Not his teaching about prayer, but rather how they show him praying. The context, the nature, the audience (if there was one) etc. And fascinating it was. Particularly in the way it showed how much of him as a prayer there is in

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Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

Through this season I’ll be publishing reflections for each of the Sundays of Advent and for Christmas Day and Epiphany. These will be web based, and be a mix of scripture, reflection and prayer, poetry, spiritual writing and music. Aiming to provide focus for a half hour, links to the web page will appear here,

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Gud i alle ting – Aadalen Retraete

This programme introducing Ignatian Spirituality is the first time I’ve led via zoom while everyone else is in the retreat house in Jutland. I’m very well supported by Johannes, Heidi, Peder, Bente, Pia and Benedicta – the home team. The Powerpoint presentation for this workshop can be downloaded here. God in All Things 2020 The prayer

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The poem below was sent to me recently. It beautifully describes something of the depth of what Spiritual Direction offers. To be honest it somewhat awes me in terms of how I as a directee live up to this description. But then I’m also awed by what it is to sit with someone and be

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