Holy Saturday

Fallen and blind How do I resolve the contradictions?  Julian wrestles with the difficulty that human beings have to comprehend God’s. What on earth is God up to? The presence of sin and suffering and a church that requires confession sits very uncomfortably with the God of love she has come to know. Ellyn

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Good Friday

Facing the Cross: Can all be Well? This meditation has two parts, with a space in between. Between the two parts is time for you to read quietly and slowly for yourself one of the gospel accounts of the crucifixion. Choose one of these: Matthew 27. 32-61, Mark  15.21-47, Luke 23.26-56, John 19.16-42 You

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Jesus in the Garden ‘My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me, yet not what I want, but what you want’.   Matthew 26.39 (NRSV) ‘Pray wholeheartedly, though you may feel nothing, though you may see nothing, yes,  though you think that you could not, for in dryness and barrenness,

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Julian and Prayer: Questioning God & Listening to God Asking & Questioning Julian asks God for gifts for herself: The first gift was to enable her to know Christ’s passion. “…it seemed to me that I had some feeling for the passion of Christ, but I still desired to have more by the grace

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Julian and Prayer What is prayer? I am the ground of your praying. First, it is my will that you should have this; then I make it your will too; then I make you ask for it, and you do so. How then should you not have what you pray for? Chapter 41, Enfolded

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Sunbathing with God

Archbishop Rowan Williams on ‘Pause for Thought’ – Terry Wogan Radio 2 Tuesday 18 October 2005 Archbishop Rowan uses a surprising and yet helpful image to help understand prayer which I draw upon from time to time: I think it’s really dangerous if you think you are an expert on this one. But it is something

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