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About Nick Helm

I am an Anglican priest with over 30 years of ministerial experience in the Dioceses of London, Sheffield and Hereford.

In the mid 90’s it was experiencing Ignatian Individually Guided Retreats that had a profound and transforming effect on my life and ministry. Since then, the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises have been foundational to my own spirituality and my spiritual direction.  

Current Involvement

Most of my working time is given to the ministry of spiritual direction in a freelance capacity. Other involvements include:

I’m supported by the Annunciation Trust and donations to support my work can be made through them. 

Previous Roles & Responsibilities

Ministry in the Church of England

I was ordained in 1988, I have been a parish priest in London and Sheffield. In 1999 I became the Bishop of Sheffield’s Advisor in Spirituality and Chaplain to Whirlow Grange. In 2010 moved to  the Hereford Diocese where I was responsible for Continuing Ministerial Development and Ministerial Development Reviews and spirituality. In 2017 recently I took on oversight of Curate Training as well. I left this employed role to go freelance at the end of 2019. I was non-stipendiary minister in the Ashfords Benefice near Ludlow and Diocesan Advisor in Spirituality from 2020-2023.

I am now retired from licensed ministry in the Church of England.  

Wider Ministry

I was a member of the Retreat Association Working Party producing Guidelines for Spiritual Direction (2013-15) and also the working party producing guidance for developing formation programmes for spiritual directors (2019-2024). 

I was chair of the Spiritual Exercises Network from 2012-2021

Experience in Spiritual Direction and Training

I have been offering Spiritual Direction for over 25 years. This includes offering individual spiritual direction, accompanying people praying the Spiritual Exercises and Individually Guided Retreats. 

I have been involved in developing and running training courses in Spiritual Direction since 1997. 

I have also provided programmes in training trainers of Spiritual Direction in the Dioceses of Manchester, Liverpool, Derby, Hereford and Lichfield. More recently with Rachel Overton, Holding Space, Holding Discerning Space and Discernment in Spiritual Direction training. 

Nick says: 

I am passionate about enabling people to dance their dream, God’s dream. I do this through one to one work of spiritual direction and spiritual direction formation programmes. I’ve been particularly helped by the wisdom of Ignatian Spirituality, continually finding it helps my engagement with the deepest realities of life and how I choose  and live.  

The key values that I seek to live from are love, commitment, integrity and compassion.

I know these are a gift of grace and continually desire to be open to grace touching me and enabling grace to touch others. 


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