About Nick Helm

Nick Helm is an Anglican priest with over 30 years of ministerial experience in the Dioceses of London, Sheffield and Hereford.

He has been a parish priest in London and Sheffield. He was the Bishop of Sheffield’s Advisor in Spirituality for 10 years. He has been CMD officer in the Hereford Diocese and in 2020 become freelance offering consultancy, training and spiritual direction.

He has 25 years experience in offering Spiritual Direction, has developed and run training courses in Spiritual Direction for 20 years and been involved in training trainers of Spiritual Direction in the Dioceses of Manchester, Liverpool, Derby, Hereford and Lichfield. Further afield, he has led programmes in Denmark and South Africa. 

In Ministry Development he has built programmes for mid-ministry renewal ‘Celebrating Ministry’ and ‘Celebrating Wisdom’. He developed and implemented the Ministerial Development Review scheme in Hereford Diocese and trained MDR reviewers. Working with Helen Guinness of 4 by 4 Consulting they have developed the Vision 4 Action programme for enabling clergy to achieve step-changes in their practice of ministry.

Nick is available for consultancy across the United Kingdom and internationally. 

Nick says: 

I am passionate about enabling people to dance their dream, God’s dream. I do this through one to one work of spiritual direction and ministry coaching. I’ve been particularly helped by the wisdom of Ignatian Spirituality, continually finding it helps my engagement with the deepest realities of life and how I choose  and live.  

The key values that I seek to live from are love, commitment, integrity and compassion.

I know these are a gift of grace and continually desire to be open to grace touching me and enabling grace to touch others. 


2020 - A new venture

After 31 years of ordained ministry, stipendiary and salaried, the time has come to go freelance. I’ve discerned a real call of God in this, so the stepping out begins!

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I’m happy to offer an initial consultation without charge, to explore whether I might be helpful. 

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