Holy Week 2021

All Shall Be Well?

For Holy Week 2021 (Sunday 28 March to Sunday 4 April) I produced a series of podcasts offering a focus for the Holy Week Journey. 

This series draws upon the writings of Julian of Norwich as we mark the days of Holy Week.

Beginning on Palm Sunday, these daily reflections will use excerpts from Julian’s ‘Revelations of Divine Love’ on God, Prayer, Suffering and Sin, The Cross and Christian Hope. Lasting between 10 and 15 minutes they will offer a focus for personal prayer and reflection.

These links below take you to pages where you can listen to each episode, read the quotations from Julian of Norwich used, and download a sheet for reference. 


Listen to the podcasts here

Listen to the introductory talks here:

  1. Introducing the ‘All Shall Be Well’ Holy Week series
  2. Introducing Julian of Norwich’s Context 
  3. Introducing Julian of Norwich’s Writing and Spirituality



Listen to the episodes here

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6 thoughts on “Holy Week 2021

  1. Thank you for putting in the hard work so we could sit back relax and enjoy being led through these reflective and very nourishing pieces. I got loads out of it and am very appreciative. Love Heather

  2. Dear Nick,
    a very big thank you for the lovely prayerful Holy Week Reflections using the words of Julian of Norwich. I found your calm delivery, and the timing of the podcasts just right, and very helpful as an aid to meditation this week. As a result I had a truly deep and meaningful journey in Holy Week, and felt really held in the love of God. I also gained a deeper insight and appreciation of Julian of Norwich and her words. A real blessing, thank you.

  3. Thank you, Nick, for this opportunity for guided meditation in this Holy Week.

  4. Dear Nick,
    thank you for this. I look forward to joining in this Holy Week.
    Caroline King

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