Easter Day

Resurrection seen through God’s eyes

Lord and Servant

How is the loving lord looking upon the fallen servant? The lord looks upon the servant

with pity, not with blame’.

The lord’s view:

‘All this time, his loving lord looks on him most tenderly, and now with a double aspect, one outward, very meekly and mildly, with great compassion and pity, and this belonged to the first part; the other was inward, more spiritual and this was shown with a direction of my understanding towards the Lord, and I was brought again to see how greatly he rejoiced over the honourable rest and nobility which by his plentiful grace he wishes for his servant and will bring to him. (chapter 51)

We are invited to enjoy the Lord’s perspective – to see Jesus’ resurrection as revealing this loving gaze of God that is deeply compassionate rather than judgmental.

John 20.16: Mary Magdalene and Jesus: Does Mary see in his eyes his pity, not blame? His compassion and his intention to bestow honours on her?

Can you let yourself gaze into the eyes of the risen Christ, who calls your name and gazes upon you with loving compassion, with the promise of honours to come for you?

From the time that it was revealed, I desired many times to know in what was our Lord’s meaning. And fifteen years after and more, I was answered in spiritual understanding, and it was said: What, do  you wish to know your Lord’s meaning in this thing? Know it well, love was his meaning. Who reveals it to you? Love. What did he reveal to you? Love. Why does he reveal it to you? For Love. Remain in this, and you will know more of the same. So I was taught that love is our Lord’s meaning.

In this love we have our beginning, and all this shall we see in God without end.  

She adds this ‘‘In falling and in rising we are always preciously protected in one love. For we do not fall in the sight of God, and we do not stand in our own sight; and both of these are true, as I see it, but the contemplating of our Lord God is the higher truth.’

(Chapter 82, Showings, page 338)

I wish you a joyful easter season, in the contemplating of the higher truth.

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