Discerning Listening

Thursday 6th February 2020: The final day of the six day course ‘Discerning Listening’ with a great group who have engaged well and run with it. The team of Steven Baggs, Nicky Seabright and I have really enjoyed working with the group. 

This is a really bare bones programme that has whittled down the concept of discerning listening drawing particularly from the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises to some very simple, but not simplistic, principles. 

  • Listen (without being able to verbally respond)
  • Discern (notice the movements of spiritual energy)
  • Allow the creator to deal with the creature
  • Maintain poise – like a balance
  • Respond – starting with a focus on the creative and life-giving before looking at the draining and destructive
  • Offer spiritual exercises without too much explanation
  • ensure that sessions finish with the person you are listening to having a sense of where they go next with God in prayer. 

Its so beautifully simple – and astonishingly effective.


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