Discerning God’s Invitation in a New Landscape

27th of February 2021 10.00 – 12.30 on zoom

Led by Nick Helm for Rochester Canterbury Diocese Spirituality Networks

How do we recognise where God’s invitation to us is in life when there are many possibilities / options and challenges? It can be really tricky to sift the options and find some clarity. In this session we’ll explore some tools from the Christian tradition that help bring greater clarity of where God’s invitation is for us in the realities of our life. The wisdom of St Ignatius of Loyola helps us notice the God-centred life-giving and creative in our experience and we will look at how we can use this in our daily reflection and choices.

Presentation Slides

You can download the presentation slides here.


Some helpful books on discernment and living discerningly include the following. Clicking on the image will take you to Amazon’s entry for the book.

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