Taking a deeper Look

Noticing God at work in our accompanying

A day for Spiritual Directors organised by the Exeter Diocese Spirituality Network

As we accompany others as Spiritual Directors we may be focussing on the way God is at work with them, but how is God at work in us as we do that? The supervision of spiritual direction provides a place to explore this question to enable us to be more aware of what helps and hinders our accompaniment, and what might enable us to find God’s leading for in our ministry.  In this day we will look together at the way supervision can help and how we can dispose ourselves towards benefiting from it.

 Outline Timetable

10.30 Welcome / Introductions

10.40 Small groups

10.55 Plenary – Prayer for day

11.00 Input 1: SD & Supervision

11.30 Groups (20 minutes)

11.50 Comfort break

12.10 Plenary 

12.30 Input 2: Ways of getting Supervision

1.00 Lunch break

1.45 Input 3: Making the most of Supervision

2.15 Groups (20 minutes)

2.35 Plenary

2.50 Conclusions

3.00 Close

Download the slides by clicking here

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