Ignatius Book Cover Design

S130_AW5 Front V Small TiltPublication is getting closer – the proofs have been checked, and finally the cover design has been worked out. I find the Grove format very limiting but in the end opted for a design based upon a painting that I have long valued, particularly in the way it speaks to me of life through the Cross.

PICT0175-bestThe original entitle ‘Orb’ is by South African artist and which I bought from his exhibition at the Grahamstown Arts Festival in 2005. Its about 4ft square and hangs in our living room.

To me, its symbolic of a world torn apart, but that tearing is cross shaped and reveals a new hope, life, light that is only found by entering into this reality. In this it speaks powerfully of the journey that the Spiritual Exercises take you on, and the powerful life and hope that emerges from the way in which God’s grace meets us in our brokenness and in the pain of the world.

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