The poem below was sent to me recently. It beautifully describes something of the depth of what Spiritual Direction offers. To be honest it somewhat awes me in terms of how I as a directee live up to this description. But then I’m also awed by what it is to sit with someone and be with them with God and what emerges into the space offered. 


It is a gift, a rare and precious blessing
To craft a sacred space in which to share
The honesty of wisdom, forged and tested ,
A place where words are weighed and wrought with care , Where sentences are drawn from deepest waters, Carrying the weight of all that is,
Holding on to hope amidst the darkness,
Trusting in the fruitfulness of fears
Yet in this fractured world such fragile spaces
Whose making – and whose keeping – is an art,
Must be carved out , defended, lest their traces
Fade from memory, from mind, from heart
In holding nothing back we are revealing
Our truest self, and all the world finds healing.

Rich Carson

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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