Coming Home to Yourself

‘Come home to yourself and then all roads will lead to home ’

George MacLeod

“It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top”

Virginia Woolf

You have time to yourself – trust all those parts of yourself – your body, your senses, your imagination, which if you listen to them will help you come home to yourself.

Some Suggestions:

  • Honour your body’s need for rest, for nourishment and care
  • Let the child within you lead you to play
  • Forget programmes, oughts and shoulds especially about prayer
  • Stay with what helps you – let go of what doesn’t
  • Strolling
  • Quiet Reflection


Wandering without a purpose often enables our senses to come alive – looking, gazing, hearing touching smelling tasting

Let creation open up its healing, life giving dialogue with you – it knows the language of your soul – let it be with you and for you.

Times of quiet and still reflection

Find your own place – your ‘secret room’ your dreaming place

If you need help with relaxing and attentiveness you might try….

Bodily relaxation

Sit or lie comfortably – Close your eyes or gaze at nature, or a candle – or whatever helps

Allow a feeling of relaxation to flow from the top of your head into your forehead – as you breathe out breathe away tension in your forehead – let the feeling of relaxation flow into your face – into the small muscles around you eyes, nose, mouth – let your jaws relax – breathing out tension – breathing in life – let that feeling of relaxation flow into your neck, your shoulders and so on gently and slowly through your whole body – becoming as relaxed as you want to be at this moment

Listening to sounds

Sit or lie in a comfortable position – let yourself gently become aware of sounds which are furthest away – just listen to them – let them be – let your ears tune in to sounds nearer to you – simply listen to them – slowly and gently bring your attention to the sounds immediately around you – moving to the sounds of your own body, breathing etc., – gently let your listening lead you inside to a place of interior stillness.

There is no right way to pray – prayer is God’s action in us – it is the gift of relationship with the Creator who can only be drawing us to greater life and connectedness with ourselves, others and creation