Meditation for the Christmas Day

The Word became Flesh

Welcome to this meditation for Christmas Day. It is the fifth in the series of meditations I’m offering through Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. 

This offers about half an hour of focussed  prayer and reflection to help you mark this season, and prayerfully be attentive to God. 

You will need a bible; a notebook and pen would also be helpful for you as you reflect and note things that emerge for you. 

Nick Helm

List of Meditations

Take some time to settle into this time for prayer and reflection 

take a few deeper breaths as you relax into the support of your chair

letting go of any tensions in your body

 by gently moving your joints, your neck, your shoulders, your spine...

by stretching you arms and fingers, legs and toes...

become aware of God’s presence to you now, in this time, in this place

Jesus was born into this world - God physically part of humankind - God physically part of you

welcoming you as you seek to be present to the mystery of God's presence.

Play the video below – the Taize chant ‘Adoramus te Domine’

Through Advent, we focussed on waiting for the coming of God. Waiting, with longing, humility, expectancy. 

On Christmas day our focus is that God has come. The Word became Flesh as the Gospel of John describes it.

Slowly read this passage.

Notice which words, phrases or images strike you.

Note for yourself the most striking aspect. Let it take your thoughts, your feelings as you stay with it.

What response do you find yourself wanting to make to this impact on you?  Take time to speak to God about this. 

Now with your fingers touch your flesh, perhaps your cheek.

Notice how it feels to your fingers to feel your cheek.

Notice how it feels to your cheek to be felt.

"The Word became flesh and lived among us"

The Word is become your flesh, living in you. 

"He came to what was his own, and his own people did not accept him"

Take time to accept the Word of God coming to you, to your flesh. Receive him.

Listen to 'O magnum mysterium' by american composer Morten Lauridsen (b1943).

Bring to mind any on your heart who need to better know Christ's presence to them, in their flesh, in their life.

Speak to God about your concern for them.

Bring to mind your own desire to know Christ's presence in you, in your life.

Ask God for the grace to better see, better know, better trust this reality ...

... that the glory, his glory may shine in the world.

Pray the Lord's Prayer. 

Blessed are we…

who are present to the presence of Christ.

Blessed are we …

who kneel in prayer and with our hands touch the presence of Christ.

Blessed are we …

who are a place where the holy dwells.

Blessed are we …

who are free to receive the holy presence.

Blessed are we …

who welcome Christ and desire his glory to shine.

Blessed are we …

who humbly accept our need for Christ.

Blessed are we …

who are open to the mystery of Word and flesh united

Blessed are we …

who extend hands to offer the touch of Christ

Blessed are we …

who behold the glory of the Christ presence.


Take a few minutes to notice what effect this time has had upon you.

Notice how God is with you now. 

It may be helpful to record for yourself how you have been affected, what your sense of God has been, what significant things have emerged for you. 

Please use the 'Reply' section below to share anything that has emerged for you from this meditation. 

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