Celebrating Wisdom - Wednesday Resources

Wednesday 8 July – Day 3:

Lectio Divina: 

  1 Corinthians 1.18-25 it may be helpful to print this

Activity 3: What wisdom?
This video is of Matt who while touring the world with his mate, discovered a ‘wisdom’ he never knew he had. Watch… notice where it touches your heart, where it makes you laugh, where it makes you cry, where it arouses your hopes and longings, where it raises your anxieties…
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Now watch the introduction to Activity 3 (16 minutes)

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  Activity 3 Handout it may be helpful to print this

  Flower of Me – it will be helpful to print this if you are going to use it

This video introduces the practice of non-dominant hand expression (7 minutes)

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  Symbolic Meditation: Remembering our Ordination
Perspective: Consolation and Desolation: A key perspective for discernment. 

  Handout for Consolation and Desolation

Watch this video introducing this perspective (26 minutes)