Celebrating Wisdom - Thursday's Resources

Thursday 9 July – Day 4:

  Lectio Divina: Matthew 7.24-27
Activity: Where and What Next
This activity has two parts. 

The first part is to be done in the morning. The introduction has two videos to watch. Matt again, and then the introduction to the actual activity. (Total video time 16 minutes 30 seconds, time for activity 1hour + …)

The second part is to be done after lunch. The introduction is about 20 minutes long and we suggest you should leave yourself about an hour after it before your Wisdom Group session to reflect on things in the light of it.

Activity Part 1:  Where and what next? Dreaming…

Matt dancing again!. Watch this…
Play Video

Now watch the introduction to Activity Part 1: Where and what next? Dreaming (11 minutes)

Play Video
 Activity: Where and what next? Dreaming –  Handout (includes the poem ‘The Dreamer’)


   Symbolic Meditation: Anointing 


Activity Part 2:  Where and what next? Discerning …

 Watch the Introduction video to Activity 4b (20 minutes)