Weeks of Accompanied Prayer

Week of Accompanied Prayer: Evaluation

Week of Accompanied Prayer – Participant Evaluation We would value your feedback from you on your experience of the Week of Accompanied Prayer. This is valuable for the team in appreciating everyone’s experience. It is valuable for the accompaniers to learn something of how their accompaniment was received. It is also valuable for us in […]

Tips – Countdown to Prayer

Countdown to Prayer 7 Web Resources to enrich your prayer life www.sacredspace.ie daily prayer and reflection using a scripture reading for the day www.24-7prayer.com encouraging prayer www.approachestoprayer.info plenty to explore www.prayingincolor.com using doodles and colouring to enable your prayer. www.thykingdom.co.uk Anglican initiative to encourage prayer and praying for people to grow in knowing God www.trypraying.org encouragement […]

Week of Accompanied Prayer Team Resources

Team Resources for Weeks of Accompanied Prayer Role of Accompanier Our first task in approachinganother personanother peopleanother cultureanother religion is to take off our shoesfor the place we areapproaching is holy. Else we may find ourselvestreading on another’s dream. More seriously still, we may forget…that Godwas there before our arrival. Max Warren, General Secretary Church Missionary […]

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