Seismic Shift in Spiritual Direction?

  Encouraging conversations revealing Seismic Shifts The two zoom meetings of people involved in Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Direction training on the 14th and 21st July respectively were really encouraging. I had a strong sense of being in the company of a deeply engaged group of people with a passion and commitment to Spiritual Direction[…]

Spiritual Direction and impact of Covid-19

I’ve just had two fascinating zoom sessions looking at impact of Covid-19 on the ministry of Spiritual Direction. The first yesterday afternoon (14 July) was an online meeting I organised in which 42 participated from around the UK – a time to share experience and listen to what is emerging. I was struck by the[…]

Getting through or living through?

As we live through what might be the tail end of a middle stage of lockdown, there is an opportunity to ponder what has been learned, what challenges have been risen to for the better, what realties still need to be faced I was told by a directee last week that I’d asked a really[…]

Zoom & Spiritual Accompaniment

Zoom and Spiritual Direction: What are we learning? Zoom has boomed under lockdown, and I for one have been on a pretty steep learning curve with it. Having now conducted dozens of one to one spiritual direction conversations, convened several committee and small group meetings and led a couple of online half-day sessions for spiritual[…]

Monmouth 1 June 2020

Resources to accompany session with Spiritual Directors from Monmouth Diocese on Discernment in Spiritual Direction – 1 June 2020   Leaflet with definitions of consolation and desolation and summary of Discernment Guidelines from the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises Powerpoint Slides Handout Discernment in Spiritual Direction You can watch the two talks that I gave within the session here.[…]

Beyond the Empty Tomb 6: Saul on the Damascus Road

Podcast Script Listen to the podcast here Beyond the Empty Tomb 6 – Saul on the Damascus Road   31 May: Acts 9.1-19 Saul on Damascus Road Welcome to ‘Beyond the Empty Tomb’ Weekly podcasts providing a led meditation on the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus. Today’s Resurrection appearance is from acts 9.1-19: Jesus appears to[…]

Beyond the Empty Tomb 5: Breakfast on the Beach

Podcast Script John 21.1-19 Unfortunately my script has gone to the great data scrapheap in the sky for reasons I can’t fathom, though I do realise I should have saved the document before it evaporated from my computer desktop! Listen to the podcast here Podcast: 5 Breakfast on the Beach   Reflections The challenge with[…]

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