Spiritual Direction

Taking a deeper Look

Noticing God at work in our accompanying A day for Spiritual Directors organised by the Exeter Diocese Spirituality Network As we accompany others as Spiritual Directors we may be focussing on the way God is at work with them, but how is God at work in us as we do that? The supervision of spiritual direction […]

Discernment in Spiritual Direction

Looking into the Well! Discernment in Spiritual Direction A day to explore the nature of discernment in Spiritual Direction drawing upon Ignatius of Loyola’s wisdom on discernment in the Spiritual Exercises, and then look at how this plays out in the dynamics of a Spiritual Direction relationship.    Downloadable Resources:  Consolation-Desolation Presentation Slides (pdf) All quotes from the […]

Holding Discerning Space

Holding Discerning Space…… Following the ‘Holding Space’ programme in 2021, Rachel Overton and Nick Helm are offering ‘Holding Discerning Space’ in June 2022.  We use the term ‘Holding space’ as a way of describing a part of what we ‘do’ when we meet with someone as a spiritual director.  This space has at its heart the intention […]

Using Zoom well in Spiritual Direction

Online Seminar Presentation Slides can be downloaded by clicking here. Zoom help resources can be found here. Seismic Shift in Spiritual Direction? My blog post with links to notes from seminars on zoom and spiritual direction (July 2020) Video recordings of the session on 23 November 2021 https://youtu.be/-z6VRglIp3chttps://youtu.be/EZbyX_oAxyQ National Forum for Spiritual Direction  www.sdforum.uk Web Page and […]

Holding Space

A short programme for those involved in the formation of spiritual directors. 24th and 25th June 2021 10am – 1pm each day ‘Holding space’ is one way of describing a part of what we ‘do’ when we meet with someone as a spiritual director.  But what is the nature of our ‘holding’ and what is […]

Manresa Link – 19th Annotation Accompaniment

This programme is to provide support for those looking to accompany others praying the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life (often known as the 19th Annotation) Here are the resources for downloading and printing.  Downloadable Documents Here are the handouts Saturday 17 April: Accompanying the Spiritual Exercises Handout Booklist Presentation Slides Desire – Quote from Michael Ivens […]

Listening Groups

Listening Groups Listen … to the fragile feelings, not to the clashing fury… to the quiet sounds, not to the loud clamour… to the steady heartbeat, not to the noisy confusion… to the hidden voices, not to the obvious chatter… to the deep harmonies, not to the surface discord… Jim Cotter The Aim of Listening […]

Spiritual Direction on Zoom – What are we learning? Feb 2021

I will publish here the emerging wisdom from this session held on 4 February. Participants will receive an email telling them when it is available.  This post on my session on 28 Jan has links and the powerpoint that may be helpful for working in this environment.  https://soulspark.online/adjusting-to-spiritual-direction-on-zoom/ Julie Burnett-Kirk offers some guidance from her […]

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