Discerning God’s Invitation in a New Landscape

27th of February 2021 10.00 – 12.30 on zoom Led by Nick Helm for Rochester Canterbury Diocese Spirituality Networks How do we recognise where God’s invitation to us is in life when there are many possibilities / options and challenges? It can be really tricky to sift the options and find some clarity. In this session[…]

Wheat, Weeds and Ministry

Bible Study & Reflection: Being Unfinished: Matthew 13.24-30 The parable of the wheat and the tares Intro This was developed as part of the final reflections for the Developing Ministry programme run by the West Midlands CMD consortium. The aim being to provide some biblical wisdom for the ongoing ministry beyond the framework of the[…]

Getting through or living through?

As we live through what might be the tail end of a middle stage of lockdown, there is an opportunity to ponder what has been learned, what challenges have been risen to for the better, what realties still need to be faced I was told by a directee last week that I’d asked a really[…]

Bristol Spiritual Direction Day – Discernment

Saturday 8 February 2020 A day on Discernment in Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Directors in the Bristol area. Session 1: Before God: God’s perspective on my Spiritual DirectionSession 2: Discernment – an Ignatian perspectiveSession 3: Accompanying Discernment: Session 4: Whose Discerning?   My aim is to explore the nature of discernment using Ignatius of Loyola’s wisdom[…]

Worcester Diocese Curates

January 25, 2020: Contemporary Spirituality Preparing for three sessions on the Worcester Diocese Curates weekend residential. Three Sessions: Slides – coming soon! Spirituality in 4-D Understanding Spirituality Mapping Approaches to Prayer – Mapping Spiritualities The Journey of Prayer – Handout – Teresa of Avila My Journey Considering my praying Nurturing Spirituality Teaching Prayer Resources

Vision 4 Action

I’ve been running this programme with Helen Guinness of 4×4 Consulting for several years for clergy in the Hereford Diocese. We come today to the final session of the current programme. Its always a privilege to work alongside parish clergy to develop further in ministry. In passing we quoted Eugene Peterson, and his preface to[…]

Discerning Listening and The Choir

Running the course Discerning Listening with a great group this winter has seen us exploring how a discerning listener might function well. This is about an ability to listen deeply, attentively to the whole person an ability to notice the spiritual movements within what is shared This requires a stance that is poised and open,[…]

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