Beyond the Empty Tomb 3: Mary meets her risen son

Podcast Script Listen to the podcast here  3 May: Jesus and his mother Mary Welcome to ‘Beyond the Empty Tomb’ Weekly podcasts providing a led meditation on the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus. Today’s Resurrection appearance is Jesus appearing to his mother, Mary.  There is no direct scriptural mention of this resurrection appearance, but recognition of this happening[…]

Beyond the Empty Tomb 2: The Emmaus Road

Podcast Script Luke 24.13-35 Emmaus Road Welcome to ‘Beyond the Empty Tomb’ Weekly podcasts providing a led meditation on the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus.Today’s Resurrection appearance is from Luke 24.13-35 Jesus appears to the disciples on the Emmaus road. The symbols I suggest you use with this meditation are a cross that you can hold in[…]

By Stony Paths: Palm Sunday

Photo of a dear friend’s place for praying with ‘By Stony Paths’. Many thanks for sharing Helen. Palm Sunday Script Welcome to ‘By Stony Paths, following the way of the Cross. Using scripture, symbols and time for reflection as we journey with Jesus through Holy Week. Today is ‘Palm Sunday’ and our gospel reading is Luke 19,[…]

Vision 4 Action

I’ve been running this programme with Helen Guinness of 4×4 Consulting for several years for clergy in the Hereford Diocese. We come today to the final session of the current programme. Its always a privilege to work alongside parish clergy to develop further in ministry. In passing we quoted Eugene Peterson, and his preface to[…]

Discerning Listening and The Choir

Running the course Discerning Listening with a great group this winter has seen us exploring how a discerning listener might function well. This is about an ability to listen deeply, attentively to the whole person an ability to notice the spiritual movements within what is shared This requires a stance that is poised and open,[…]

Seeking Spiritual Direction – its arrived!

I was really pleased today to receive the first copies of the book Liz Hoare and I worked on over the summer. Published by Grove Books in the Spirituality Series we wanted to produce a book that was practical and theological in helping people think about Spiritual Direction who may never have come across it[…]

Consolation and Desolation

Ignatius defines these terms in a very specific way, that is different to their common usage. This makes it important when using the terms to be clear about their meaning. One really helpful explanation which I have been reminded of since writing my book comes from understanding the spanish / french roots of the words. consolacion –[…]

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