5 thoughts on “By Stony Paths

  1. Thank you Nick: very calming and at the same time thought provoking and emotive at the same time.
    Closer to Jesus.

  2. The highlight of Holy week! I thoroughly enjoyed entering into all you said, the passages that you read and meditations as I entered into the stories afresh this Holy Week. You have a real gift that helped me deepen my faith and encountered Jesus. Thank you, Nick.

  3. Looking forward to Holy Week with you Nick. I anticipate it will be a great source of strength and will give a sense of travelling together through Holy Week.
    I not only have a cross but I have a palm branch, borrowed from church for my Quiet Day and which I have been unable to return!

    Blessings to you for this week,
    Love, Helen

  4. Thanks for the podcasts. It will be a comfort in Easter week to be guided ,nourished and made thoughtful

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