Beyond the Empty Tomb 5: Breakfast on the Beach

Podcast Script

John 21.1-19

Unfortunately my script has gone to the great data scrapheap in the sky for reasons I can’t fathom, though I do realise I should have saved the document before it evaporated from my computer desktop!

Listen to the podcast here



The challenge with this passage is which bit to focus on. Personally I am interested take into prayer the verses that follow the reading where Peter and Jesus have this interesting conversation about whether the future of the disciple whom Jesus loved is any of Peter’s business. However, I felt that this focus isn’t so much on the risen Christ and so left it for another time.

Instead, I let the focus be on personal encounter with Jesus, effectively inviting the listener/prayer to be in Peter’s shoes and let that bring up whatever it brings up. 

Ultimately the conversation with Jesus is where the most significant dynamic lies – and who knows for those that need it, it may take them into talking about their own calling compared to someone else’s. ‘What is that to me?”


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