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    • developing Spiritual Directors
    • offering Spiritual Direction
    • resources for the Grove Books:
        • Soul Spark
        • Ignatius of Loyola
        • Seeking Spiritual Direction
  • Looking for a Spiritual Director
  • Developing as a spiritual director
  • Develop or review spiritual direction training or provision

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WAP Opening
Nick Helm

Leaflet on Prayer

The Retreat Association (www.retreats.org.uk) publish a range of leaflets about prayer and retreats. Their leaflet on prayer is particularly helpful for Weeks of Accompanied Prayer.

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Nick Helm

Ignatian Discernment

Outline Plan for the Day 10.00 Welcome / Introduction, Reflection, Some basics of Ignatian Discernment, Desire & Attachment 11.15 Space for reflection & refreshment 11.40

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